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More and more travelers do not do without a sim card for Internet connection on their trips. Thanks to the development of mobile or cellular phones, traveling and having a Sim Card from the country you are visiting is becoming easier. Obtaining your own Sim Card will not be difficult for you in the Philippines and you will see that the data or call rates will be very cheap.

Mobile Phone in the Philippines

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Country Code Philippines: +63

The most important mobile network providers in the Philippines are GLOBE and SMART.

Be sure to take an unlocked cell phone with you - or get one on-site. Cell phone stores are everywhere and sufficient, because the cell phone is absolutely essential for Filipinos. Phone calls, but especially sending text messages, is the favorite activity. 

The easiest and fastest way to acquire a sim card in the Philippines is at the arrival airport, which usually costs around Php 40.00, or at any shopping center. Then you can load it directly there, or in many stores, you will find.

Finally, choose the promotion you want to subscribe to, which will save you more money. If you are confused, the store staff will help you with any questions you may have. Remember that in the Philippines, English is the second official language, so it will not be difficult to communicate.

The network coverage is very good in populated areas. If you want to call somebody in the Philippines from Europe or other countries, you can do this cheaply or for free via Skype, WhatsApp, or similar.

If you don't use your Philippine cell phone (or your Philippine SIM card) for a longer period of time, because you are leaving the Philippines for some time, you should consider the following:

Each SIM stays active for 60 days. The credit expires after 2 months if in the meantime no recharge takes place.

If the SIM card is not used for more than 6 months, it loses its validity. When your sim card has been inactive for six months it will no longer be valid so you need to procure a new one and lose your old number.

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