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Driver's License in the Philippines

Driver's License in the Philippines

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Many tourists in the Philippines opt to arrange or obtain a driving permit and rent their own car or motorcycle to explore the beautiful destinations the country has to offer during their visit.

If you are considering renting a vehicle during your Philippine vacation, read on to find out how you can drive lawfully in the country.

Driver's License from the Home Country

With a driver's license from your home country, you are allowed to drive a car or motorcycle for up to 90 days or 3 months in the Philippines. This means that your foreign driver’s license can only be useful during the first 3 months of your stay.

If you stay longer than 3 months in the Philippines, you need to get a Philippine driver’s license.

 foreign driver’s license

Get a Philippine Driving License

There are two ways to obtain a Philippine driver’s license:


First, you need to have your local driver’s license (German or Austrian), which is not issued in English, translated into English. This translation must then be certified by the local embassy in the Philippines. Then you go to the LTO (Land Transport Office) to have your driver's license rewritten.

As of 2020, the LTO has announced that those drivers who want to convert their foreign driver’s license to a Philippine driver’s license will no longer be required to get the theoretical and practical driving course certificates.

Get a License from LTO

Here’s the website of the LTO office in the Philippines. Click Here to ensure you get the latest or updated information.

Acquiring a Philippine driver’s license will not cost you much. Everything together only costs a few thousand pesos.

After 3 years you need to obtain a new driver's license, for that you need to have a health and drug test again, then fill out the application, pay, wait, and you’re done.

Anyway, it is an interesting experience to get your driver's license in the Philippines!

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