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Beer and Rum in the Philippines: Everyone is talking about San Miguel and Tanduay

Beer and Rum in the Philippines: Everyone is talking about San Miguel and Tanduay

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In the Philippines, there is a distinct drinking culture, which also refers to palatable beer and delicious rum. Well-known beer brands are, for example, San Miguel and Red Horse. Both belong to the San Miguel Brewery, which by the way is not Spanish but actually Filipino.

The name "San Miguel" goes back to the district of the same name in Manila, where the brewery was founded. The San Miguel Brewery, in turn, is part of the San Miguel Corporation, which operates internationally and has expanded its business to include oil and aviation since 2008.

The San Miguel Corporation was founded in 1890 by a well-known businessman in Manila, named Don Enrique María Barretto de Ycaza y Esteban. He received permission from the Spanish Crown, which at that time still set the tone in the Philippines, to establish a brewery. This royal permission lasted for 20 years after "La Fábrica de Cerveza de San Miguel" was founded on 29.9.1890 to start its success story. Shortly after its foundation, San Miguel became number 1 and also displaced imported beers on the market. Today, San Miguel is one of the 10 most popular types of beer worldwide.

Tanduay Rhum since 1854

Tanduay Rhum bottle and glass alcoholic drink

Tanduay Rhum (founded in 1854, allegedly the best selling rum in the world after Bacardi), which is well known all over the islands, is literally on everyone's lips and ensures that the good mood is maintained. But even among Filipinos, it can happen that a glass is drunk over thirst, and then caution is advised!

Especially in somewhat dubious bars, it can come already once to scuffles, since a drunken Filipino feels offended in its honor - for whatever reasons. Sometimes it is enough for an "Americano" to take a wry look at his Filipino girlfriend/wife. The Filipinos themselves are probably one of the friendliest peoples in the world, but when alcohol is involved, they too do not always change their behavior for the better.

Beer is relatively expensive in the Philippines, whereby the bottle of Tanduay Rum with 0.7 l is already available for a little more than 1 Dollar. No wonder that Rum-Cola and similarly mixed drinks are very popular not only with the locals but also with the vacationers.

Tip: the Philippine variant of the "Cuba libre" can be "spiced up" very well with the local Calamansi fruit!

Besides San Miguel beer and Tanduay Rhum, there are many other alcoholic drinks like gin or even brandy produced.

Many a holidaymaker speak of "non-drinkable kerosene" when talking about various spirits, but this is certainly always a matter of taste. I personally was once in Makati / Manila and talked to a Tanduay saleswoman for example and asked her why this rum is not (anymore) exported to Germany. According to her, this was due to the strict regulations in German areas, the taxes, and also because, as in the Canadian case, a separate Tanduay would have to be produced to comply with the regulations.

In Germany, the Philippine Tanduay, as it is drunk in the Philippines, can also be found in Asian markets from time to time - sometimes at 10 to 20 times the price. So this is probably "not quite officially" imported goods, which mostly come into the stores via Chinese ways.

In the Philippines, you can find Tanduay Rhum practically on every corner, in every "Sari-Sari Store" and every bar.