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White Beach

It is the most popular and beautiful beach and also the most popular for locals. Wide, beautiful white sand, good for swimming, but hardly any shade, and the water gets deep quickly. 

Sabang Beach

This area is famous for its dive sites, so it is not surprising that it has the most dive resorts. On the beachfront, hotels, restaurants, and diving schools alternate.

Tamaraw Falls

The most famous one is the Tamaraw waterfall, which you can pass by if you choose the option of riding the Supercat.

Puerto Galera - Philippines


Plan your trip to Puerto Galera and find out what makes this port city in the Philippines so special. In my travel guide, you will learn about the best time to travel, which sights you must see and what else you can do here. I will also tell you which accommodations you can really recommend in Puerto Galera and which restaurants are very popular here.

Puerto Galera is in no way inferior to its big brothers in this tropical country in terms of white sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and wonderful sights. Located on the island of Oriental Mindoro, it is one of the beaches that are more easily accessible for locals and foreign tourists from Metro Manila.

The Philippines are full of amazing places Puerto Galera deserves to be called next to Boracay and Palawan.

This island is suitable for both casual vacationers and serious water sports junkies. It is known as a popular dive site that boasts valuable marine fauna and flora. Many resorts in Puerto Galera have opened their doors over the years to meet the needs of people who want to enjoy nature and stay in this beautiful place. This is exactly the kind of attention it deserves since UNESCO recognized it as a Human and Biosphere Reserve in 1973.

You can visit Puerto Galera on a weekend, but it is even better if you can take three or four days to enjoy the full experience. At the end of this article, you should be confident in planning a trip and make the most of your vacation.

Pack your bags and get out your notebooks, because in this ultimate travel guide for Puerto Galera you will be prepared for a wonderful trip.

Puerto Galera at a Glance

Puerto Galera consists of several districts. The center is the district of Poblacion. Most tourists are attracted to Sabang, which is known for its pulsating (night) life. Puerto Galera also has several beaches that can be explored and where tourists like to stay. The most famous beaches are:

White Beach
It is the most popular and beautiful beach and also the most popular for locals. Wide, beautiful white sand, good for swimming, but hardly any shade, and the water gets deep quickly. Here you can find many accommodations and the Malasimbo Festival is also only a few minutes walk from White Beach.

Aninuan Beach
This beach area is located right next to White Beach and is much quieter. The sand here is not so fine-grained and white. Note that you will need to rent a Tricycle to get to the tourist resorts outside of Aninuan Beach if you live in this area.

Sabang Beach
This area is famous for its dive sites, so it is not surprising that it has the most dive resorts. On the beachfront, hotels, restaurants, and diving schools alternate.

Best travel time for Puerto Galera

Most activities in Puerto Galera include trips to the beach or to explore the marine fauna and flora. It is best to plan your vacation here according to the season and weather. Find out when is the best time to visit and when is the high season. Also, you must not miss the annual music festival. There is a high chance to avoid the rainy season if you have done your homework and know the typical climate and weather. Read on to learn more about what to wear to best enjoy your vacation.

Dry and High Season| December to May

Many people visit Puerto Galera in the months from December to May, when the place really comes to life. Most locals travel during these seasons because of the excellent weather and local events, so one can assume that the accommodations and tourist resorts will have many tourists.

Malasimbo Festival

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival takes place every year in March or April. If you want to meet new people, hang out at night with the people, just enjoy what this piece of paradise has to offer. However, the best hotels and resorts will most likely be fully booked, so it is better to book in advance.
Rainy and Low Season| June to November

Due to the rainy season in the Philippines, the months of June to November are usually the off-season, so that the rush is somewhat less than usual. If you long for more peace and quiet, you can choose these months for your travel planning. The hotels may also offer discounts during your stay at this time.
Climate and Weather

Be sure to check the weather before booking your stay in Puerto Galera, especially during the rainy and low season.

The weather is constantly warm throughout the year. The highest daytime temperature is 33°C. The months of July and August are wettest, but the temperature is still warm.
What You Should Wear

The sun and heat are strongest during the day in the months of March to April, so it is especially recommended to use sunscreen and wear appropriate sun protection clothing during this time.

The nights from December to February can get a little chilly, so bring a light jacket if you want to hang out on the beach. During the months of June to September, you should always have an umbrella in your pocket during the day.

How to Get to Puerto Galera

From Manila, the journey takes only about 3-4 hours. You can either take the bus or your private car or cab to the port of Batangas and then take the ferry. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to fly directly by seaplane to Puerto Galera. This is a little more expensive but very fast and comfortable.

By Bus

For most vacationers, the most common and popular option is to travel by bus from Manila to Batangas. If you are coming from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City, the Buendia Bus Terminal and alternatively the Cubao Bus Terminals in Quezon City is recommended.

Be careful not to arrive late at the bus station, as you should reach the port of Batangas before 4:30 pm, as the last boat leaves at that time. The bus ride costs only about 200 pesos per person and takes between 3-4 hours, depending on traffic.

After arriving in Batangas, the bus stops at the Batangas City Terminal - but don't get off there, only at the next station, the Batangas Pier! Tickets can be purchased online on the bus lines' websites or on-site at the bus terminal.

By Taxi

The easiest option to get to Puerto Galera is to take a cab in Manila. Cabs are easy to find and the trip from Manila to Batangas takes about 2 hours. While you save yourself the trouble of finding your way around by public transportation, it is also quite fast and as I said, you don't have to worry about anything yourself.
If you are coming from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, leave the arrivals hall of the airport and look around for the yellow or white metered cabs. In terms of fare, you can expect to pay about 2,000-3,000 pesos (35 - 55 €).

Also, make sure that the driver turns on the meter when you leave.

By Car

If you are someone who prefers to travel by car, you can of course take a rental car and drive down to Batangas yourself. There are some renowned car rentals at the airport, like Happy Car, which have daily rates starting from 24 US dollars.

Once you have your car, just take the South Superhighway and the Star Tollway south to Batangas. If you want to avoid traffic jams, you should start early in the morning.

If you want to take your car on the ferry, it will cost between 800 and 2,500 Peso (15 - 45 €) depending on the size of your car, in addition to your personal ticket. For motorcycles, the price is only 600 Peso (about 10 €).

By Ferry

Once you arrive at the Batangas Pier, go to Terminal 3 and you will find ferry tickets to three different destinations in Puerto Galera:

  • Sabang Pier,
  • Garbage Pier
  • Balatero Pier

There are several boat companies, and departures are approximately hourly. The ticket price is about 180 Peso (about 3 €). If you want to go close to White Beach, the Balatero Pier is the most likely destination.

By Speedboat

Depending on your schedule and budget, you can choose the Supercat (speed boat) instead of the normal ferry. You can also board this boat from the Batangas Pier. The trip with the Supercat is considered to be very safe, especially when there is a heavy sea or the weather is bad and unpredictable. However, it does not go directly to Puerto Galera, but docks in the port of Calapan. From here you can take a jeepney or van to Puerto Galera.
The travel time by speedboat from Batangas to Calapan is about 1 hour and the fares depend on the age of the passenger. However, it should be considered that the journey by car, from Calapan through the mountains to Puerto Galera, takes another 1.5 hours. So this option is not really faster for Puerto Galera and therefore only recommended in bad weather.

By Seaplane

Do you want to skip all the intermediate steps and just fly directly to Puerto Galera? This is now possible - with the seaplane!
Air Juan offers seaplanes for both directions. However, it is recommended to book a few weeks in advance, especially during the high season. Departure is in Manila Bay and 30 minutes later the plane lands in the water of Puerto Galera Bay. The price is about 5.000-6.000 Peso (about 100€) one way. Not quite cheap but in any case an unforgettable experience.

Mobility in Puerto Galera

There are several ways to get around Puerto Galera. Besides public transportation like Jeepney and Tricycle you can also rent a car!


Classic Filipino jeepneys operate on the main roads of Puerto Galera and are very inexpensive. You can use them when traveling to and from various cities in oriental Mindoro, especially if you are coming from or going to the pier. Jeepneys can carry 10 or more passengers at once. Often the driver will wait until the jeepney is full before leaving the pier.

Rental Car

If you want to explore other areas or other destinations on Mindoro Island, a rental car with a driver is a good option. It is perfect for you if you are unfamiliar with public transportation or traveling in a larger group. When you rent a car or van, you will usually have a local driver who is familiar with the tourist locations.


These are the most important means of transportation if you are traveling short distances within the cities or important areas of Puerto Galera. Depending on the design of the tricycle there is room for 4-6 people. Compared to the Jeepney, tricycles can drive through narrow streets due to their smaller size. The prices are often negotiable and sometimes vary depending on the driver, but are generally reasonable.


Rent a sailboat, catamaran, motorboat, with or without crew. This option is perfect if you want to reach unusual beaches or dive sites. Just go to the pier in Sabang, it is easy to get the appropriate offers there.

Where to Stay in Puerto Galera

When it comes to accommodations in Puerto Galera, you are spoilt for choice. I have therefore classified the recommended options for you based on luxury, middle class, and budget accommodation:

Luxury Accommodations

You can also go all the way on your journey and live like a royal family! Many first-class resorts are located close to first-class diving and nature areas, which gives you great views. Here are some of the top class resorts that offer you all the amenities for a comfortable and carefree vacation:

Infinity Resort and Spa

Located on a 2-hectare property surrounded by mountain and ocean views, this infinite resort offers a tropical haven for relaxation and fun water sports activities for couples and families. The resort also has accommodations with balconies for romantic sea views, with sofas, a flat-screen TV, and private bathrooms. There is also a children's playground at the resort. There is also a playroom with darts for the adults. So after resting, you can relax at your infinity pool with breathtaking sea views.

Fridays Puerto Galera

This environmentally friendly and luxurious resort in the lagoons of Muelle Bay on Boquete Island is considered one of the best resorts and beaches in eastern Mindoro. It has 23 beach rooms with air conditioning, a hot shower, 49-inch TV, a safe, and a bathroom. There is also a bar and restaurant where you can eat outside and a swimming pool with a child-friendly pool.

Marco Vincent Dive Resort

This hotel won the Traveler's Choice Awards 2019 in TripAdvisor because it hit the sweet spot for perfect pricing, A+ hospitality and service, beautiful amenities, and charming aesthetics.

Atlantis Dive Resort Puerto Galera

If you are looking for Greek interior design, a beautiful location, and a room in a suite, then visit Atlantis Dive Resort! It has been featured in many publications for its unique charm.

Out of the Blue Resort

When you stay at this hotel, you will have a view of Verde street and excellent treatment from the dedicated concierge. If you don't feel like going to the beach, there are two pools at your disposal.

Middle-class Accommodations

Are you looking for a hotel or resort that doesn't cost too much, but still offers all the amenities you desire? If you are looking for something a little more middle class, here are some suggestions of accommodations in Puerto Galera for you, which are highly appreciated by tourists for their amenities and beach access:

Lalaguna Villas Luxury Dive Resort & Spa

Lalaguna can very well be a luxury option, though not for the mid-price. It offers a private, villa-like hotel with complete facilities, room service, spa, pool, mini-bar, and a gym!

Mermaid Resort

If you are looking for a spacious place, the Mermaid Resort is your best choice. With its modern Filipino interior, it is still cozy and great for the family.

Blue Crystal Beach Resort

This resort has one of the best beach promenades in Puerto Galera, hidden from the crowds and hustle and bustle. If you want some tranquility and privacy, you should consider this as the top priority on your list.

Budget Accommodations

You can easily stay overnight in Puerto Galera even on a tight budget. There are numerous guesthouses, apartments, and hostels available, which are inexpensive but still offer the necessary comfort. Below are some of the budget accommodations in the inner streets of the beach areas of Puerto Galera that are well rated by tourists:

Habitat Guest House

Clean, decent, inexpensive hotel in Sabang with complete basic equipment like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a kitchenette. Overnight stay prices include breakfast.

Sabang Oasis Resort

It is a clean apartment complex in Sabang with a swimming pool and a bar, which is waiting for its guests on the first floor. It offers basic amenities and breakfast.

Badladz Apartments

It is another great hotel option that is easy to get. This apartment has a cozy interior style and offers additional services such as laundry service, wheelchair access, and multilingual staff. The reservation includes breakfast.

What You Can Do in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera has many beaches to explore and if you are looking for adventure, there are plenty of things to do in this area. Read on to find out what there is to discover!

Island hopping

There is a lot to see in Puerto Galera. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while and discover other islands, you can book a quick island hopping tour. You will see a maximum of four islands, namely:

Boquete Island/Sandbar Island

Locals called it "Sandbar", a 50-meter long white sandbar that connects Boquete Island with the main island of Mindoro. It is an excellent place for swimming and snorkeling.

San Antonio Island

This small island is located west of Sabang Beach and is known for its underwater cave. You can swim in the natural pool of the cave, which is shaded by the scorching heat of the sun.

Coral Garden

One of the first-class snorkeling and diving sites Puerto Galera, rich in vibrant corals and sponges that are home to various species of marine life.

Bayanan Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beach destinations on the island hopping tour. Here you can relax on the sand or go swimming for fun.

Each location offers calm waters and even more beautiful natural sites. Include these activities in your itinerary, you can never go wrong!

Explore the dive sites

There is no shortage of snorkeling and freediving tours in the Philippines. But Puerto Galera is known as one of the most beautiful dive sites because of its colorful and breathtaking views under the sea. People from all over the world visit this place just for diving. Some of the things you can see are the remains of ships that crashed in the area a long time ago, a lively garden full of corals in all colors, a shark cave, and huge shells that you never thought existed.

Diving excursions are a must, regardless of your level of knowledge. There are several snorkeling and diving sites Puerto Galera to choose from, such as Hibo Reef, Sabang Wreck, and Tamaraw Rock. They vary in depth and underwater sights, so be sure to ask a knowledgeable guide what they can relate to.
Go snorkeling

Go snorkeling

If you don't like diving too much, but still want to explore the beauty under the ocean, snorkeling is the best choice. You may not go that deep, but there is still a lot you can see from shallower depths. The waters in Puerto Galera are clear enough to explore. The good news is that it is also a little lighter in your pocket! The three main places to visit are the San Antonio Water Cave, Coral Garden, and Giant Clams location. You can combine this with your island-hopping adventure or rent a boat to do this activity on your own.
Try extreme water sports

Try extreme water sports

In the Philippines, you will find various extreme water sports and beach activities such as parasailing, flyboarding, and jet skiing. In Puerto Galera‘s White Beach, you can do the same. It is perfect for adrenaline junkies who love altitude or speed. It will be easy for you to use so many licensed operators of any of the above activities that will convince you to try it. Try an event you've never done before, even just once!
Visit waterfalls

Visit waterfalls

You can also take a detour to Puerto Galera and visit some of the waterfalls in the area. The most famous one is the Tamaraw waterfall, which you can pass by if you choose the option of riding the Supercat. You can also visit Aninuan Falls, Tukuran Falls, and Talipanan Falls.

Relax on the Beaches

If water activities don‘t appeal to you, you can also just laze around and enjoy the beach. You, too, deserve a break where you can let off steam. Relax on these beaches in Puerto Galera or swim. You can flag out a tricycle or rent a private van for a beach walk.

White Beach

This is the most important place for tourists, where most of the resorts are located. Besides lazing on the beach, you can swim, snorkel, or try different water activities.

Aninuan Beach

Located next to the famous White Beach, this secluded beach is a perfect place to relax against the backdrop of the waves. Walk here to watch the sunset without the crowds.

Palauan Beach

It's a less known beach where you can lie on the sand for sunbathing or take a dip in the water.

Talipanan Beach

Another beach that is not overcrowded and offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere to watch the sunset and swim.

Dancing at the Malasimbo-Festival

If you are a fan of indie or dance music and generally enjoy yourself, you should consider booking tickets and including them in your itinerary. If you travel to Puerto Galera from March or April, this is one of the most anticipated events at this beach resort for local and foreign tourists.

Some of the most famous artists who have made headlines in Malasimbo include Joss Stone, Big Mountain, and Ky-Mani Marley, son of Bob Marley.

Food and Drink in Puerto Galera

Of course, food is one of the most important parts of any trip. Deciding which restaurants to dine at can have an impact on your budget, and can have a positive or negative impact on your vacation experience. Therefore, pay attention to your dietary restrictions and food allergies before you go to a particular restaurant. It's good to know that in most restaurants you can check the menu online before you go there.

Local kitchen

As a beach and diving destination, Puerto Galera has become the home of foreign tourists alongside the locals who live here. So it is not surprising that the restaurants here offer a wide range of dishes from Philippine to international cuisine.

The seafood here is fresh, so don't miss the opportunity to eat in the restaurants on the beach, which offer grilled fish, squid, shrimp, and more. Some are even presented on a table with banana leaves strung together with steaming white rice. It is a Filipino food tradition called the boodle fight, where you are supposed to eat with your hands.

Like Boracay, Puerto Galera has a vibrant nightlife, so you can see many bars lined up along the beach and visited by tourists at night. Not to be missed is the Mindoro Sling, their local version of the Singapore Sling. Its version is a brew of rum, tropical juices like orange, pineapple, mango, and lime refined with grenadine syrup. A shot glass of it is not enough, so order a jug or tower for your group.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars

Visit some of the most popular restaurants to fortify yourself after an active day of swimming or diving.

The Verandah Restaurant

This highly regarded resto serves a fusion of Filipino and Asian cuisine. Their specialty is seafood, but they also have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. They also love to serve quality wines and cocktails!

Papa Fred's Steakhouse

Judging by the name of this restaurant, you will be happy to know that there is a place in Puerto Galera that offers traditional American cuisine. The ambiance is quite romantic, making this a great option for dating. Don't worry if you also have vegetarian friends, they can still come along because this restaurant has food options for this preference as well.

Jack Daniel's Apartments Restaurants

It is the best-rated restaurant and it is cheaper than the above options! As a hidden gem, this is the place people always come back to, no matter what cuisine they want to eat. They have an international cuisine that will satisfy almost any palate, so you are sure to find a new favorite each time you visit.

Relax Restaurant

If you want to have traditional Filipino dishes, the Relax Restaurant could be your first choice. They serve large portions of Silog dishes (meat with fried rice and egg) and Sisig with daring options such as seafood curry and spicy Katsu.

Capt'n Greg's

To complete this list, you can't go wrong when you go to a local pub to get your drinks while enjoying the view of the sea. It's a great place to hang out with equally delicious meals without burning a hole in your pocket!

Practical Information and Tips

Before you start planning your trip to Puerto Galera, you should consider these travel tips for a trouble-free vacation.


There are ATMs at the piers and in the city of Puerto Galera, but these ATMs often only accept Filipino cards! In many hotels and resorts international credit cards are accepted, but to be really sure, you should check with your accommodation beforehand.

In general, it is recommended to have enough cash with you when you travel to Puerto Galera - preferably Philippine Peso. This way, you will be independent of ATMs, credit card machines, and exchange offices, which are often offline when the internet connection on Mindoro Island is temporarily overloaded or interrupted.


The majority of the resort staff and those involved in tourism speak fluent English, so communication for foreign tourists is absolutely no problem here. Also, the locals usually speak and understand English very well. So do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for directions.

Furthermore, Iraya, Filipino, and Tagalog are spoken.

Closing Words

So that's it for today's virtual tour through Puerto Galera! Of course, it will be even more impressive if you go there personally and if in doubt, don't hesitate to ask the locals in the area, they will be happy to help you make your stay more pleasant and comfortable.

TIP: Bookmark this page now!

This way, you can always find your way back here and start planning your trip to this popular destination in Oriental Mindoro today.

Photos of Puerto Galera, Philippines

See Photos of the Best Destinations and Attractions in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
  • White Beach, Puerto Galera
  • Diving at Puerto Galera
  • Snorkeling at Puerto Galera
  • Tamaraw Falls
  • White Beach, Puerto Galera
  • White Beach, Puerto Galera
  • Water Adventure at Puerto Galera
  • Water Adventure at Puerto Galera
  • Water Adventure at Puerto Galera
  • Welcome to Puerto Galera

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