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Emigrate to the Philippines

Planning to move to the Philippines? Besides its scenic landscapes and stunning islands and beaches, its rich history and various cultural influences add to the country's appeal as an expat destination. Check out our guide to help you get started.

Cost of living Philippines

Cost of living Philippines

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The cost of living in the Philippines is generally cheap, although it also depends a lot on where you choose to live, your needs, as well as according to your desired standard of living. If you travel a lot, you will, of course, need a little more money.

The cost of living in the Philippines is cheaper than in 67% of Asian countries and 62% of countries in the world. For the calculation, you have to take into account the costs that are incurred in your native country (insurance, possibly rent for the apartment not abandoned at home), as well as costs for health insurance.

If you stay in one place and rent a house or apartment, you can live much cheaper. Not only do you save the higher hotel costs, but also some restaurant visits, because here you can cook and eat at home now and then.

You can have lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant for € 10 or even less.  Eating in the street is also quite cheap, you can eat anywhere for about € 2 or € 3.

You can also save money by using public transport or owning a motorcycle. Taxis do not usually cost more than 2 or 3 euros anywhere and Jeepneys, the public transport par excellence in the Philippines, only cost 8 pesos (it does not reach 0.15 €). A car is of course a bit more expensive, but it makes you more independent and flexible.

Hiring the services of any Filipino is also relatively cheap, such as cleaning the house, giving you English classes, a driver, etc. Taking into account that they charge less than € 200 to 300 per month for an 8-hour job, you can do the math. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting option for people who do not have time to do housework.

Living very economically, you can get along just fine with 591 USD per month. And with 1183 USD per month, you can already afford a quite nice life in the Philippines. If you travel a lot by car, go on short trips, visit various bars every evening or live in a great apartment in an upscale community, your cost of living will increase up to  2,365 USD or more per month.

Simply put, the Philippines is a country to consider if you want to emigrate to a destination where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures almost every day of the year and where English is spoken. The Philippines is a destination suitable for practically all budgets. In the end, your preferences, needs, and lifestyle will determine how much you spend. Meanwhile, its people are another of the good things that the Philippines has since the Filipinos are generally very hospitable and caring.