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Philippines Travel Tips

Make the most of your trip to the Philippines with our useful Philippines travel tips, as well as our list of top-rated destinations, best attractions, and things to do while you are on a holiday in the country.

  • Philippines: Cash, Credit Card, Withdrawing Money
  • Philippines: Cash, Credit Card, Withdrawing Money
  • Philippines: Cash, Credit Card, Withdrawing Money

Philippines: Cash, Credit Card, Withdrawing Money

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In this post, you will find everything you need to know about payment in the Philippines, including tips on how you can save money when withdrawing money by credit card.

Philippines: All information about Cash, Credit Cards, and Withdrawals

As part of your travel planning and preparation, you should also consider how to get money in the Philippines and how and with what you can pay locally. 

The Currency in the Philippines

The national currency in the Philippines is the Peso. One Philippine peso consists of 100 centavos. The abbreviation for Philippine Pesos is PHP.

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Useful Tips for your Trip to the Philippines

Useful Tips for your Trip to the Philippines

The Best Credit Card for the Philippines

With the right credit card you can save a lot of money during your stay in the Philippines. On the one hand, there are the fees that many banks charge when you withdraw money from outside Europe. These are quickly five to ten dollars per withdrawal. Small amount can add up, so you will want to avoid these fees.

In addition to the fees of your bank, there are also the fees that the Philippine bank charges usually you. Typically, that amounts to 250 pesos per withdrawal (about 4.75 Dollars), regardless of the amount.

If you have to withdraw money several times in a row because of the limit of 4,000 to 10,000 pesos per withdrawal, these fees will be charged each time you have the desired amount.

Such third-party fees are also charged in some other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand. Unfortunately, since 2020 they are no longer refunded by any provider.

Nevertheless, you can still save a lot of money with the right travel credit card. DKB and Barclaycard, for example, have free credit cards that do not charge you any fees when you withdraw money worldwide and with which you can pay free of charge in local (foreign) currency.

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