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Beaches and Islands

Home to idyllic islands and stunning beaches, the Philippines is the ideal destination for beach bums and sunseekers.

  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines
  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines
  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines
  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines
  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines
  • The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

The Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

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With over seven thousand islands, it’s no longer surprising that the Philippines offers some of the best diving destinations in the world. 

Considered to be one of the most biologically active in the world, the country is home to more than 400 different types of coral, over 2,000 fish species, and some important dive sites, wrecks, and ruins. The archipelago as well as Sulu and Celebes are enclosed by the Pacific and the Chinese Sea.

Diving in the Philippines is relatively cheap compared to Australia and other places. The waters are fairly calm and there are many certified diving centers with good instructors and modern equipment. 

There is a lot to discover in the Philippines for beginners and professionals alike, such as various spectacular dive sites, excellent day tours with night diving, snorkeling, and a variety of marine life. Immerse yourself in the rich and colorful underwater world of the Philippines. 
diver posing with giant sea turtle underwater diving in the Philippines rich marine life

Diving in the Philippines - Species You May See

With more than 2,000 different fish species and 400 species of coral, the Philippines is home to a wide variety of marine life. Reef manta rays are very easy to spot in the Ticao Island region, while white-spotted eagle rays are more likely to be seen around Dumaguete, Dauin, and the Apo Reef. 

Turtles are common around Palawan, Bohol, Moalboal, and Panglao Island, while sharks such as whitetip reef sharks, gray reef sharks, thresher, and whale sharks are found in many different regions. Other species that can be found are catsharks, devil rays, blue-spotted rays, seahorses, pipefish, white mushroom coral pipefish, whitebeard pipefish, flaming cuttlefish, cuttlefish, starry sky octopi, white-eyed moray eels, luteal moray eels, dolphins, lionfish, batfish, mandarin fish, lionfish Flounder, Catfish, and shrimp. 

Hammerhead sharks can be spotted from January through April, while spirit pipefish are more common from June through September. The largest and smallest clams, Tridacna Gigas and Pisidum, can also be found here in the abundant seas of the Philippines.
abundant Philippine seas colorful fishes blend with surroundings

Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

Since the Philippines is considered one of the best regions for diving, there are of course numerous beautiful places that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

Coastal diving, night diving, snorkeling, technical diving, circuit diving, and lake diving offer a lot of variety for every diver. The day tours are especially popular near Apo Reef and Palawan. Unfortunately, you can only visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Tubbataha Reef" on day tours from March to June.

Check out our list of the best dive sites in the Philippines:

island hopping in Coron Isalnd stunning waters and limestone rock formations
Coron is world-famous for 10 Japanese warships that were sunk here during World War II. The wrecks lie in shallow water and offer a unique spectacle between nature and the cruel war heritage. 
The Taie Maru is the most popular wreck to be explored, with a visibility range of 10 to 30 meters. The strong currents favor coral growth in the region, in which mainly leather corals can be found. Animal species that you can spot on your dives include lionfish, surgeonfish, snapper, sweet lipped, and batfish.
Apo Island
Anda, Bohol - Paradise for snorkeling, diving, and recreation
Tubbataha Reef - UNESCO World Natural Heritage
Malapascua Island
Camiguin Island - Paradise island for water rats
Leyte and Donsol - Swimming with the Whale Shark in the Philippines
Balicasag - the island for divers and snorkelers
 diver swimming with school of fish rich marine life beaches in the Philippines

Best Time for Diving in the Philippines

The waters around the Philippines have a steady temperature of 24-27 degrees, which makes diving possible all year round. 

The dry season between November and May is ideal, while from June to October it must be expected that a typhoon can interrupt the journey at any time. 

The summer season between May and October is also popular because of its warmer water temperature. The sea is generally calm and Europeans who are used to colder water will feel very comfortable here. 

From November to April you can see whale sharks in Donsol and from March to May in Oslob. Manta rays are best seen in Malapascua, while the turtle season extends from December to February in the Palawan region.
diver swimming with huge sea turtles best diving experience in the Philippines

Final Words - Diving in the Philippines

Anyone who has chosen the Philippines as their diving destination is spoiled for choice. Well over 7000 islands, reefs with a total area of ​​34,000 square kilometers, and water temperatures that rarely fall below 25 degrees. If that doesn't invite you to dive, what then?

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