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Adventure and Outdoors

See the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of the Philippines with thrilling outdoor adventures that will definitely be one for the books.

  • Hiking and Trekking in the Philippines
  • Hiking and Trekking in the Philippines
  • Hiking and Trekking in the Philippines

Hiking and Trekking in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, adventure-seeking hikers will surely get their money's worth. There is a wide variety of hiking activities and destinations Philippines to choose from, ranging from:

  • Leisurely walks on the beach
  • Trips to waterfalls and lakes
  • Demanding day tours
  • Cave Tours
  • Multi-day tours to rice terraces and remote villages
  • Jungle and mountain tours
  • Ascent of volcanoes
hiking in the Philippines hiker enjoying green mountains

Special Features of a Hike in the Philippines

Overall, the typical Filipino does not go hiking. You can't compare hiking in the Philippines with hiking, for instance, in the Alps. What we take for granted - good hiking maps, signposted hiking trails, a dense network of huts and restaurants - you won't find that in the Philippines.

There are no hiking maps. It is generally difficult to find good maps in the Philippines. In the tourist offices of well-known hiking areas (e.g. in Sagada and Banaue) there are sketchy maps, but they are not to scale.

Nevertheless, you will find top-tier destinations for hiking and trekking in the Philippines. Some of the most popular hiking spots include Mt. Manalmon, Mt. Pinatubo, Cleopatra’s Needle in Palawan, Osmena Peak in Cebu, and Mount Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin.

trekking in the Philippines group of trekkers hiking on dirt road bordered with trees and mountain

Tips for a hike in the Philippines

With its stunning landscapes offering a wealth of great trekking sites, it’s not surprising that one of the well-loved activities among visitors to the Philippines includes hiking and trekking. 

The best time for hiking activities in this tropical country is January to February – when the temperature is still a bit cooler and less humid.

It is best to bring your equipment from home if you are planning longer hikes during your visit to the Philippines. Daypacks, small backpacks, are easy to find. But equipment for multi-day hikes, especially good, quality hiking boots, are best brought by yourself.

Guides: In some well-known hiking areas, there are professional guides, and there are also professionally guided hiking tours to worthwhile destinations.

If you want to hike a little "off the beaten track", it is often advisable to find a guide by asking around to help show you the best trails. Getting your own bearings can often be very tedious and difficult. You should always stay on paths or trails. But these often fork or stop in the middle of nowhere. That said, generally, hiking alone is discouraged for your safety, unless you are very experienced in trekking and mountain climbing.

Don’t forget to pack enough water and food along with you. Once you have picked your desired hiking destinations, be sure to read and learn as much you can, and come prepared.

On the other hand, in most popular tourist areas, there are often offers from adventure providers or resorts for hiking and trekking tours. These offers come within a reasonable budget, saving you time, and providing you the convenience of arranged hiking tours.